About us

DANUBIUS UNIVERSITY, founded in 1992, is a modern, dynamic and entrepreneurial European university, perfectly adapted to our contemporary society.

Internationalization, entrepreneurship, open and online are the key terms that define our work, policies that will support and direct our determination to fulfill the objectives of “Danubius” University mission, the university that managed to connect itself to the global community through quality, professionalism, enthusiasm and involvement of its people: students, teachers, non-teaching staff, graduates.


The Management of “Danubius” University

Founding President Rector Vice Rector teaching activity Vice Rector scientific activity Senate

Our values are:

  • Truth: we look for the truth and we are inspired by the truth;
  • Responsibility: we are responsible for our ethical behavior and for observing the rules;
  • Respect: we respect the rights and dignity of the others;
  • Innovation: we cherish creativity and entrepreneurial spirit;
  • Excellence: we strive to reach excellence in everything we do.


“Danubius” University will be recognized in the area between Black Sea and Baltic Sea as an excellence international university, an open and incentive environment for the personal and entrepreneurial development, as well as the constant change of ideas and values.


“Danubius” University promotes knowledge and innovation by offering a unique experience of teaching, research and development, regardless the age, experience, level of knowledge or training of its students and clients.