Documents required for enrollment - undergraduate study

1. For Romanian citizens and citizens of European Union Member States, of the European Economic Space states and of the Swiss Confederation:

-Baccalaureate diploma in original or certificate of baccalaureate promotion in 2016;
-Candidates attending a second specialization must attach to the admission file the certified copy of baccalaureate diploma, accompanied by a student certificate attesting that the original Baccalaureate diploma is in the file folder at the first faculty;
-High school grade transcript, in original or certified copy (from the class of 2002);
-Copy of Bachelor diploma and annexes for graduates attending a second specialization;
-Certified copy of birth certificate;
-Documents certifying the name change, in copy (ex. Marriage certificate, etc.)
-Identity card (in copy);
-Medical certificate certifying that the student is apt for college enrollment;
-Documents attesting that the student falls into the category of disabled people (if applicable).
-Payment receipt of registration fee
-3 photos of 3x4 cm in an envelope
-file folder
The following forms are purchased from the secretariat and completed personally by candidates:
-standard registration application
-Statement of the candidate admitted in July session that he binds himself to bring original Baccalaureate diploma until 20th of August 2016 and the one declared admitted in the September session, within 72 hours after the results of admission (if applicable).
Citizens of the European Union Member States, of the European Economic Area states and Swiss Confederation states will present the following papers, in addition to admission contest registration:
-certificate of recognition of studies issued by the Ministry of Education and Scientific Research before enrolling candidates for the admission contest
-authenticated translations of all documents
More details can be found in THE METHODOLOGY ADMISSION 2017-2018.

2. For Romanian young ethnic and Romanian citizens residing abroad

-an application for entering the competition,
-papers provided in one of the annexes below:
-papers of Registration File (The Republic of Moldova)
-papers of Registration File CPL (Balkans and Diaspora)

3. For foreigners from third countries EU

-request for issuing the letter of acceptance to study, according to the Methodology for offering of studies and training to foreign citizens in EU third countries in public and private education accredited in Romania, completed at all fields in duplicate;   
-baccalaureate diploma or its equivalent - copy and authenticated translation - the study certificate that allows access of the person to the form of education required - copy and authenticated translation;
-transcript - copy and certified translation - associated to studies attended;
-birth certificate - copy and certified translation;
-papers certifying the name change, copy and authorized translation (ex. Marriage certificate, etc.);
-Copy of passport - valid for at least 6 months after the date on when the letter of acceptance for studies was issued;
-medical certificate (in a international circulation language) stating that the person you are to enroll does not suffer from contagious diseases or other illnesses incompatible with the future profession;
-Receipt of registration fee payment;
-3 photos of 3x4 cm in an envelope;
-standard registration application;
-A self-addressed envelope with the precise address (name, city, street, number, postal code, country);
-file folder;
Candidates must send files directly to "Danubius" University of Galati, which will evaluate and communicate to the Ministry of Education and Scientific Research - Department of International and European Relations - the list of individuals proposed for issuing the letter of acceptance. This list shall be mandatorily accompanied by a copy of requests for issuing the letter of acceptance to studies completed by applicants. The General Directorate of International and European Relations will issue the Letter of Acceptance which will be forwarded to the university. At registration, candidates shall submit the documents in the application file in original, aimed for authentication by the Romanian Embassy in the issuing country or Hague Apostille if previous studies were not performed in Romania, in a country of t